Rig #1 has drilled in the Cromer/Virden, Manitoba area and parts of Southeast Saskatchewan. The company has drilled both Bakken and conventional wells with depths ranging from 700m to 4500m.


BLOCK-HOOK RS 180 tonne, grooved for 1 1/8 inch drill line. Static load 180,000daN,with 8 lines
BOILER 125 hp Saskatoon boiler with 9000 liter fuel tank
BOP EQUIPMENT RS 229mm Spherical 21000KPA Annular, 2 only RSHB single ram 229mm, 21000KPA, Accumulator is a 5 station 21000KPA 1-pump System 1400 liter with 2 bottle nitrogen back up. Electronic control
CAPACITY 4000m. 4.94m KB, Floor height 4.89m.
CATWALK Fully hydraulic catwalk
DRAWWORKS Ratmaster 800, grooved for 28.58mm drill line, with a Eaton auxiliary brake. Powered with 19 liter 800hp Cummins engine and an Allison 6610 6 speed transmission
DRILL STRING 300 joints 4” x95 with 4” full hole thread, 60 hevi-wate with 4” full hole thread, 16 drill collars 6 ½” with 4 ½” extra hole thread
FUEL TANK 18,000 liters fuel storage
LIGHT PLANTS One 15 liter 650hp Cummins with 600KW 208 volt ac generators
MAST Hodgson Mt104-9.5-400E Mast 31.7m clear height. Static load with 8 line blocks rated at 177,000daN. Stand pipe rating 5000psi. Mustang Control electric crown saver
MATTING 9 – 8 x 25 mats, 1 – 8 x 25 mouse hole mat, 6 – 4 x 10 mats, 4 – 4 x 4 mats
MUD PUMP One – F-1000 triplex with 23 liter 1000hp Cummins engine and 2 speed ikona clutch.
MUD TANK 74 m3 single tank system 3 compartments, pill tank and hole fill 2 agitators as well as 1 shaker, 2 – 5” x 6” centrifugal pumps manifolded for back up of independent use and low pressure mud mix system.
PIPE SPINNER PL700 Hydraulic
PIPE TUBS Six tubs accessible with loader
RIG MANAGERS QUARTERS Single ender with crew bathroom accessible from the outside
ROTARY TABLE R S –17 ½” rotary table
SHAKERS Swaco Mongoose 2 Pro Shaker
SUBSTRUCTURE Hodgson one piece with rotary table, 6 jack leveling system telescopic double Casing capacity 150,000daN irrespective of setback. Mud line rating 5000psi
SWIVEL 200 ton RS swivel static rated at 120,000daN.
WATER TANK 76m3 water tank
Crusader Drilling Rig #1